Rental Types

There are various types of commercial rental property in the submarkets that we specialize in.  Office space for rent can range from a Class A office space in the heart of downtown to a creative office that was converted from warehouse space to an office.

Class A office space for rent is typically space that is located in buildings that have been developed in the past 25 years.  Class A buildings for rent often offer security and property management on site as well as off street parking at a monthly charge.  The tenant improvement finishes for a Class A commercial rental property are typically of significantly higher quality than non-Class A buildings. Additionally, tenants are able to have significant say in their turnkey build-outs typically associated with lease transactions that are 5 years or longer.

In the submarkets that we specialize in, there are a significant number of office buildings for rent that are converted warehouse buildings.  The office space for rent in these types of buildings are ideal for creative businesses such as technology companies that want to lease creative space with high ceilings and a “brick and timber” feel.

Regardless of the type of building for rent you desire, it is crucial to have an expert to guide you through the transaction process for countless reasons.  We listen to the specifics of what our client’s needs are and cater the property surveys that we prepare in a fashion that highlights only the most relevant options.  These reasons include local market expertise, negotiation skills, years of experience in lease document review and experience collaborating with architects and other vendors.

It is important to note that landlords pay real estate commissions for lease transactions and not the tenant who occupies the space. Therefore, our services come at no cost to the recipients of our advisory services.