Real Estate Search

Below you will find our commercial real estate search tool. Searching for commercial property can be difficult because there is no commercial MLS. We have developed the tool below to allow you to search for commercial real estate in  Alameda, Oakland, Emeryville or Berkeley. The commercial real estate search tool is a great place to start your search for office space. In order to ensure the relevance of your commercial real estate search, we recommend that you call us so that we can run a comprehensive, custom office space search.

In an effort to ensure our commercial real estate space finder is accurate, we are constantly updating our internal database of available spaces. All of the information in our database is accurate to the best of our knowledge based on sources we deem as reliable. We provide this free tool as an example of the quality work that we perform as tenant rep brokers. We hope that you reach out and engage us to represent you on your real estate requirement. Feel free to use the commercial real estate search tool, but please note that in order to streamline the process of finding the ideal space, we recommend having a discussion about the specifics of your needs.

Commercial Real Estate Search Tool By City