Lease Negotiation

When it comes to commercial lease negotiation, lease concessions and the quality of terms are enhanced significantly when you have a commercial real estate agent represent you.  We advise submitting proposals on multiple properties at the same time.  This creates an environment where listing brokers and landlords know that you have additional options that you are pursuing at the same time.

When negotiating a commercial lease transaction, it’s essential to have a commercial real estate agent educate you on the current state of the market.  Once our clients feel well informed about market trends and recent transactions, they feel prepared to make a well informed decision when it comes time to select a top option.

When a tenant tries to represent themselves in a lease agreement negotiation process, it’s very easy to leave money on the table.  Missed opportunities can come in the form of a transaction with an inflated rent, lack of free rent, incorrect Base Year for operating expenses and real estate taxes as well as limited tenant improvements to name a few.  When working with an experienced commercial real estate professional, the commercial lease negotiation process is smoother and valuable concessions are negotiated into the transaction.