Tenant Representation

Commercial tenant representation services are critical for any tenant that is serious about leasing office space. Nearly every landlord hires a broker to provide market data and negotiate economic terms on their behalf. Tenants often do not seek brokerage representation. This leaves the tenant vulnerable in a lease negotiation worth hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars. As tenant rep brokers, we act as a member of our client’s team. We focus on meeting their needs while saving money along the way. As a member of the client’s team we work closely to understand the needs and intricacies of the business or non-profit in order to provide the best commercial tenant representation services possible.

Our experience as tenant rep brokers ranges from 1,500 square foot, short term solutions for rapidly growing startups to 50,000 square foot, ten year, campus relocations. Ultimately, our goal in providing tenant representation services is to understand a tenant’s needs and provide multiple solutions for our client so they are in a position to select an option that best meets their needs.

Failure to engage commercial tenant representation services with a broker you trust can lead to inflated rents, lack of free rent, or worst of all, signing a lease commitment so cumbersome it can cripple your organization. Having an experienced tenant rep broker is a must for all tenants when dealing with something as complex and as high risk as a commercial office lease.